Friday, 27 September 2013

To Do List #45 - Walk 15 million Steps = Complete!

On Wednesday 19th January 2011 I took my first steps towards my 15 million steps goal. 

My aim was to spend the next 4 years clocking 10,000 steps on my pedometer on a daily basis in order to lose weight, get healthy and maintain it. It was certainly the biggest personal challenge I had ever set myself. 

Day 1 was complete after visiting the gym. I ached. My face was red, my hair was a mess, my heart rate was up and I could hardly breathe. I was excited. I had taken my first steps towards my huge challenge but there was a long, long way to go.

Fast forward to the 24th September 2013 at 4:32 PM, I tweeted this picture:

It was quite a boring picture but it meant everything to me. I was standing outside the very building where I ended day 1 of my steps challenge. 980 days later, 1 year, 3 months and 26 days ahead of schedule, I had reached 15 million steps.

I was excited, delighted, relieved, proud...I was everything you could ever imagine. I had done it! I had become the 15 million step man!!!

The Final Stats!

My average step count throughout the whole challenge was 15,306 steps per day. This averages out at approximately 7 miles per day. 

In total I had walked 6,860 miles (11050 kilometres) which is the equivalent of 262 marathons or 2,213 races with a distance of 5k . 

If I walked in a single straight line from my hometown of Southampton, England then my final destination would have been in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Some fun stats!

If I could walk as fast as a Boeing 747 (500 mph) that would clock me in at just over 14 hours flight time. 

If I walked as slow as a garden snail (0.03 mph) then it would have taken me 228,667 hours of slime time.

If I had been walking 24 hours a day then my overall speed would have been 0.29 mph and it would have taken me 23,655 hours.

I took 13,660,588 steps with my Sportline 345 Step Distance Pedometer (I bought 4 in total) and 1,339,412 steps with my Fitbit Flex wristband. 

I want to thank everyone who has shown their support along the journey, every message, comment, tweet, email has helped keep me going and I couldn't have done it without you 

Finally I have to thank one person in particular. Thank you Kerina for helping me, in particularly towards the end of my challenge when I got injured and really struggled. You are a genius when it comes to maths and you have provided me with some brilliant stats. More importantly you're an amazing person for keeping me focused and motivated and you have given so much support to me and even counted up ALL 15 million of my steps, which is something I will never forget as well as keeping me updated at all times. You're the very best! Thank you SO much!!! <3 xx

Now...what shall I do for my next challenge?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

To Do List #10 - Give Blood

I have no idea why it's taken me 30 years to give blood. I have no excuses really. It's not like I'm even scared of needles. I guess the stories I've heard from people about fainting hasn't encouraged me to do this sooner but again, no real excuses. 

There was an email about the National Blood Service coming to my work to take blood and in doing so my company pays you while you are there donating. I thought that was quite good for the company to do that as more people would donate knowing they weren't losing pay. I figured that because I don't drink, do drugs or smoke, my blood is probably in good condition, so good in fact that people will be targeting me for my top quality blood! I'll have to keep one eye open when I sleep. If anyone starts squeezing my veins and asking how my blood is today then I will probably run and not look back. I bet on the black market my blood will probably be worth millions, billions perhaps. 

The day arrived at my work and the 'bloodmobile' was ready and waiting. I stepped onto the vehicle and was met with a smile from a ridiculously camp man and also a questionnaire with medical and sex questions on it. I guess if I was handing that questionnaire to people, I'd have a smile on my face too.

I sat down on the table to fill it out. Opposite me was a woman who had clearly filled out this questionnaire and was watching my pen go down the tick list answering questions. 

- Are you currently on medication? No
- Have you ever injected yourself with drugs? No
- Have you had a tattoo in the last 4 months? No
- Have you had anal sex with another man in the last 12 months?

I looked up. She was looking at the bit of paper. She looked up. She looked at me. I looked at her. I looked at the bit of paper. I knew what she was thinking. She was waiting for me to answer THAT question...

The actual blood donation went well. I laid on the bed, he stuck a needle in my vain and I watched a pint of blood say goodbye to my body. I find out in 6 weeks what my blood type is. I sat down in the chair afterwards to rest and they told me to drink some water and eat some biscuits to help with the recovery to prevent death. I originally ate 3 but a combination of being careful and me being a greedy bastard meant I ate another 3 - hey I'm writing this so I didn't die, so eating 6 biscuits worked! :)

I got up and left the bloodmobile and saw a friend walking past outside. I warned him that I could potentially faint at any moment after losing a pint of blood and the look he gave me was one of those "I wish I was anywhere but here" kinda look. 

He told me he hated needles and he could never give blood. He then went on to say I was a good person to do it and I felt proud of myself. 

Back in the office I spoke with my friends who also gave blood. They asked which nurse helped me. I told them it was the ridiculously camp guy and he put a huge one in me! - queue a lot of laughter. I went bright red, which probably helped because my face was quite pale after donating. 

Do something amazing. Give blood.

I am a life saver. You can be one too.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Lots of updates!

Really sorry about the delay with my posts. I've decided to do a post to show what's been going on these last few months. 

15 Million Steps 

It seems like it's been 15 million days since I last updated you all on my challenge.

Guess what?

14 Million Steps!!

14,271,199 steps to be exact (as of 13th August).

Which means less than 0.8 million steps to go! CRAZY! I remember the day I started. This is insane.

As usual, let's see how far across the world 14.2 million steps has got me.

I've got to Malaysia!!

Steps Taken So Far: 14,271,199 Steps

Distance covered so far: 6,530 miles (10,509 kilometres)

Equivalent distance in marathons: 249.2 Marathons

How Many Steps Left: 728,801 steps

Approx Distance on map: Southampton, UK to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Huge thanks to Kerina for counting up my steps for me. I really appreciate it! She went out of her way to count all my steps when I hadn't done it for a while. Thank you!!! 

Fitbit & MyFitnessPal

I have a Fitbit Flex. I love it! It's fantastic because it really helps motivate me each day to hit my goals I've set for myself. You can set step goals, check out your sleeping stats, set calorie and food goals and a lot more. I think it looks pretty stylish too.

 I also signed up to a MyFitnessPal account. It really helps with counting calories, which is something I've never done before, so I'm looking forward to see how I do. I'm not going to be strict with my counting but it will give me a rough guide as to what I'm eating. Add me if you want!

 Do you have a Fitbit or MyFitnessPal account? 

Learn at work week 

We had a week of learning at work. I took part in two events. The British Military Fitness and also the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy session. The British Military Fitness was great! We had a lot of fun but it was SO hard. We did a lot of running, team building games, push ups, squats, crunches...everything!! I survived and I'd love to do it again. The hypnotherapy was interesting but I fell asleep during the actual hypnotherapy and didn't think it worked. Although it's strange that I suddenly bark like a dog whenever somebody clicks their fingers.

My Gym has finally opened!

I joined Easy Gym at the start of this year but due to numerous delays for months the gym has finally opened today! I haven't been there yet because of injuries and various reasons but I do plan on going there soon. It looks fantastic and SO big too.



I am injured! I was playing football and I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of my calf, as if someone had kicked me, and then I heard a loud 'pop' noise. I was in agony! I went to A&E at the hospital and they told me not to consider playing sport for 6-8 weeks until my calf heals. It's been over a month since my injury and I'm still in pain! The video is me trying to walk. Ouchy!

Not sure if you can see in this picture but my calf looks like it's in two halves under my skin and also my foot/leg is quite bruised still. Sad times!


I signed up to play volleyball! I wanted our team to be called 'Kiss My Ace' but the captain decided on 'Wing Commanders'. Boring!!! We're not great but we enjoy the challenge and despite being a novice, I won my first and only 'Player of the Match' award. Go me! Unfortunately injury has ruled me out for the season :(


For my Mum's birthday we went to see the Anniversary games at the Olympic Stadium to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics 1 year anniversary. It was great and she had a great time. We got to see all the legends of present day Athletics including the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt as well as British legend Mo Farah. It was brilliant to see them perform live. The speed of these guys is unreal!

The Tea

As you all know, I'm a Brit which means I like a nice pot of tea. Well I got a special delivery a few weeks back. My friend, Kerstin, sent me some Cola Tea! Would you try this??? Believe it or not, it's actually quite tasty :)

Once again, sorry for the lack of posting and thanks for being patient.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Friend Makin’ Mondays: Let’s Talk About TV

Sorry I've been away for a bit. I'm back with another Friend Makin Monday from the wonderful Kenlie at

Let’s Talk About TV

1. Share your current “Must-See” TV shows. 

I've started watching 'The Walking Dead' (Series 3) which has been enjoyable so far. I am not watching much else because England are playing Australia in The Ashes so cricket has been on my TV most of the time.

2. Do you prefer reality shows or sitcoms? 

I think the standard of TV shows have declined a lot in the last decade or so. There is so much rubbish on these days. I prefer watching live Sport and interesting documentaries. 

3. Who is your favorite talk show host? 

There aren't too many good ones out there at the moment but I do enjoy watching Graham Norton because I love his flamboyant, camp persona when interviewing celebrities. I also find his laugh very infectious.

4. Which network(s) do you turn to for news?

BBC News. They are amazing with their news coverage from all around the world. 

5. Do you have Tivo or DVR? If so, which programs do you have set to record? 

I have TiVo on Virgin Media. At the moment my series links are set up to record the following shows 'Would I Lie To You', 'The Walking Dead', 'Match of the Day', 'Eastenders', 'Take Me Out', 'Family Guy'.

6. Have you ever started watching a show simply because you heard so much about it on social media? If so, which one did you watch? 

Usually social media puts me off watching shows just because there are too many spoilers on there. I wait a year or so and then watch them when everyone else has finished talking about it. 

7. List any TV series that you own on DVD. 

Only Fools and Horses. I grew up watching this and I can never get bored of it. Every episode is SO funny. British comedy at it's very best. 

8. Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, etc? If so, what kind of device do you use to stream it? 

I have Netflix but I don't have a subscription. My friend gave me his password to the British Netflix, which is rubbish! I then changed a few things in my internet settings and now I can watch US Netflix, which has a lot more choice. If it wasn't free for me, I doubt I would subscribe. There is a lot of crap on there. I have US Netflix on my iPad but UK Netflix on my PS3.

9. If you could star in a TV show that already exists, which one would you choose?

I would like to be on the TV show 'Who do you think you are?" just because it would be really interesting to find out more about my family history. 

10. If you could bring back one TV show that is no longer on the air, which one would you choose? 

OZ - The HBO Prison TV show. It's one of my favourite ever TV series and was excellent from start to finish. I can't even think of a single bad episode, which is rare because usually every TV series has a lot of "filler" episodes. I was genuinely sad when the final episode was shown. The TV show was brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

Thanks for reading and being patient with me.

I'll reveal everything I've done in the last few months in a few days time. Lots to tell you about! :)

Monday, 29 April 2013

FMM: ABC’s of Me & 15 Million Steps Update

You've probably heard of 'Friend Makin’ Mondays'. My friend Kenlie at All The Weigh does this every Monday. It's great fun and a good chance for you to meet fellow bloggers. If you've taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers.

A) I love going on Adventures. I enjoy exploring and visiting new places. 
B) I am British.

C) My favourite Cartoons as a child were Thundercats, He-Man & Dogtanian.
D) I Drink lots of tea. Hey, I'm British. It's the law.
E) I hate Exercising

F) I love real Football (Soccer). I've supported Blackburn Rovers Football Club for 21 years. During that time I've probably only enjoyed about 2 or 3 happy seasons! Oh well! Once you pick your team you're not allowed to change it!
G) Gnocchi tastes amazing! Especially lightly fried. 
H) My Hometown is Southampton on the South Coast of England. Famous for it's links with the Titanic, Spitfires planes, being a major port in Europe as well as being heavily bombed during World War II.
I) I love my iPad. I use it everyday and can't imagine life without it now!
J) I hate Jazz music. Soooooooo boring. 
K) The first time I went to America (2008) and stayed with friends, I dropped a huge jug of Kool-Aid all over the floor, table and kitchen surface. Apparently the stain is still there today! Sorry Sue!!!
L) I have a small scar on my Lip
M) I've been kissed by a Manatee. I think the look on my face shows how much I enjoyed it! :(

N) My
Name was originally going to be Robin, then David was suggested, but my parents settled on Timothy...or Tim for short! 
O) I went to the London 2012 Olympics. It was incredible! 
P) I wear a Pedometer every day to record my steps towards my 15 million steps challenge.
Q) My favourite Quote is "F*ck it!". It feels good to say it and usually is the answer to most problems/dilemmas we have in our heads. Next time you're wondering what to do, try saying 'F*ck it!'.
R) I am Right handed when writing/throwing but left footed when kicking a ball.
S) My favourite Song is 'Bohemian Rapsody' by Queen.
T) I am a Twitter addict. I tweet lots and lots. Add me if you're on Twitter @FatBoyThinTim 
U) I always carry an Umbrella everywhere I go. Being British, I know that rain is just around the corner!
V) I really enjoyed visiting Venice. I had lots of fun, the place is beautiful and the food was delicious!

W) I am related to a former World Record Holder. My Grandfather's cousin, Jane Bunford, was the tallest woman in the world measuring 2.41 m (7ft 11 in).

X) I loved The
X-Files. The conspiracies & Extra Terrestrial story lines fascinated me! I love stuff like that.

Y) I could spend all day on YouTube if it was up to me. There are so many brilliant videos out there. My favourites will always be 'Evolution of Dance' & 'Where The Hell Is Matt...'

Z) It's pronounced Zed not Zee... #JustSaying

15 Million Steps Update

Yep, still doing it. Slowly getting there.

Steps Taken So Far: 12,848,048 Steps

Distance covered so far: 5,880 miles (9,463 kilometres)

Equivalent distance in marathons: 224.4 Marathons

How Many Steps Left: 2,151,952 steps

Approx Distance shown on map: London, UK to Bangkok, Thailand

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Week - Pic Special

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday. This is probably the first Easter where I haven't eaten any chocolate Easter eggs on Easter Sunday. Saying that, I did eat a couple of chocolate eggs 3 weeks before in a moment of madness. Oops, oh well!

Instead of waffling on for ages about my weekend, I'll post a few pictures and a few sentences just to say what I've been up to.

I went on a Hovercraft. 1st time ever! Amazing!!
Across to the Isle of Wight

I made a friend. Hello Pingu. 
Hello Mr Alpaca
My new favourite animals. Wallabies!!!
Unfortunately these couldn't fit in my bag to take home! :)
These Geese, Ducks and Swans went CRAZY for food from me.
Day trip to Titchfield Abbey
Hello Bournemouth Pier & Beach
Morning trip to the village of Lyndhurst to get....
Duck eggs, strawberries, local honey & a sausage roll.
I then went to the New Forest to locate old WW2 bunkers.
Found an old WW2 Air Control Tower at RAF Ibsley
It was empty, dilapidated & covered in graffiti. Such a shame.
Went onto the roof which overlooks lots of lakes.
Overall it's been a really cool week but unfortunately I'm back at work again!!

How was your Easter? What did you get up to?

Monday, 1 April 2013

#13in13: March Review

Here is the latest update as part of my #13in13 challenge which is organised by Rebecca at WeightWars.

Goal One: Be More Adventurous In The Kitchen

Update: I've really sucked at this. 

Plan for April: I need to start cooking more this month. I've been SO stressed at work that by the time I got home, I just wanted something quick and easy. Poor excuse I know but hopefully I'll have none this month. I enjoy cooking. I will cook more. Please send any recipes for me to try to my email. (Marisol - thanks for last recommendation. I am trying that first!) 

Goal Two: Save Money For A Holiday

Update: I've been pretty good with money but I know I could do better. I've put in a chunk of my March pay into a tax-free  ISA account so that was good. I was annoyed with myself the other day because I withdrew £50 ($76) and spent the majority of it on stuff I didn't need to buy but I like to think that was the turning point for me in trying to save more.

Plan for April: I'm withdrawing a set amount of money for each week and will not touch my debit/credit card unless it's vital. I will use the cash I've withdrawn and I will have to ration when to use it. 

Goal Three: Make My Own Lunch For Work

Update: This has been hit and miss. I did great at the beginning of the month but then towards the end I started buying breakfast and lunch. By not having my own pre-made lunch, it meant I didn't pack any healthy snacks. This meant I started buying chocolate, crisps and cake. Fuckkkkkk. So annoyed at myself. 

The cake tasted amazing but that's not the point. I gave into temptation.

Plan for April: There are 21 work days this month. I will make my lunch 21 times. Goodbye full English fried breakfasts :(

Goal Four: Drink More Water

Update: I suck

Plan for April: Not to suck.

Goal Five: Run Tim Run

Update:  My aim was to run 3 times a week and play football. I went running and I went to football. The conditions were actually pretty awful at times but I battled through the conditions. 

Unfortunately I then tore my muscle playing football which means I couldn't go running. Meh! Apparently my muscle will be healed in approx. 6 weeks but I'm hoping to test it out a little before that, although I won't push myself too much. 

Plan for April: Once my muscle fully heals, I want to start setting myself monthly targets to hit. 

Goal Six: Focus More On My To Do List

Update: Nothing to report.

Plan for April: I'd love to tick off another item from my 101 to do list. I might start on a few easier ones to get them over and done with. 

Goal Seven: Go To Bed Earlier

Update: I'm not sure whether I'm going to bed earlier or not. I tend to fall asleep at weird times and occasionally I just fall asleep without even realising. I guess I am better than I used to be but it's just not at a consistent time. 

Plan for April: Turn the PC and TV off before 11:00pm.

Goal Eight: Raise Money For Charity

Update: I've given money to charity but just not raised any myself. 

Plan for April: Think about ideas for next challenge.

Goal Nine: Take Up A New Sport.

Update: I played tennis with my friends. It was great, we were shite, but it was fun. Due to people going on holiday, we've had to delay our next session but everyone seemed up for continuing which is great. Hopefully get the next session booked this week!

Plan for April: Play tennis more. Improve my technique, foot movement....oh and hit the ball.

Goal Ten: Make More Friends

Update: The new guys at football are really nice but due to my sodding injury, I can't see them for a while. I need to look closer to work. I am in a department with 60+ people yet I only know about 10. 

Plan for April: Start saying hello to new people in my department. 

Goal Eleven: Random Acts of Kindness

Update: I sponsored a friend, I bought my friend ice cream and something at the Farmer's Market. I had the intention of giving my bus pass to a random person but when I got to the bus stop, there was no one there. I also stayed late at work to help my manager finish some stuff off but I guess that's just my job, so probably doesn't count! 

Plan for April: Keep trying my best to be kind. 

Goal Twelve: Attend More Live Events

I've been to a few football (soccer) games in March.

Southampton 1 - 2 Queens Park Rangers - Premier League 

Ted Bates Statue aka Mr Southampton

Southampton's St Mary's Stadium

Millwall 0-0 Blackburn Rovers - FA Cup Quarter Final

The New Den

Love the old school London bus

Packed stadium to watch the dullest match ever!

Plan for April: Watch more football games as well as going to see MIlton Jones (Comedian) live. I've no idea who he is but apparently he's good! 

The Big One: Climb Mount Snowdon

Update: I mentioned climbing this to my Mum. She said she might do it too. My Sister also seemed quite keen. This is progress....

Plan for April: Keep annoying people about it!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I was a muddy mess!

Yesterday I was a bit naughty. 

My friend Darren and I decided to go to Buffalo Bills Steak House in Southampton and I decided to go for a  healthy salad......which came with a bacon and bbq burger and fries.

I felt guilty eating this.....oh who am I kidding. I had no guilt. I ate the lot. It was blummin' gorgeous, I tell ya! Easily one of the best burgers I've eaten. I can't wait to go back. 

I did feel guilty today though. I got a lift to and from work, when I should have walked and increased my steps count towards my 15 million steps challenge. I could have eaten better too. 

I looked at my pedometer and at 5pm it said I had taken about 1,000 steps. Usually at this time it says about 12,000! I knew I had to do something about it so I put on some running gear and decided to go for a run around the park.

Here is the route I took:

For some reason I decided against running my usual route around the park and I just made up the route as I ran. In my head this was a fantastic and fun idea. I'd run past new scenery and enjoy a new route. In reality it wasn't a fantastic and fun idea. I ran through some horrendous conditions. Mud was spraying up all over me, I ran through boggy conditions and my feet were soaking wet after a few kilometers. 

In total I ran about 4.64km which was good considering I haven't ran much this year. I did stop a couple of times but I think it was a combination of the poor conditions and not having any idea of where I was running too. 

Here are my trainers after the run:

I had mud all up my legs too. I must have looked a mess.

Thankfully a nice hot bath with bubbles solved that problem!

Have you ever ran in any terrible conditions?

If burger meals were zero calories (I wish!), what toppings and side dishes you have with your burger? 
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