Monday, 20 June 2011

15 Million Steps, 3 Strikes Challenge and C25K

Wow, aren't you lucky. You get 3 blog posts in one!

I am usually organised (I am a to do list freak!) but this week is an exception because of the rain. Yes, you heard it right, I am blaming the crappy British weather for me being disorganised because it's mucked up my normal routine and it's affecting everything I do. Meh!

15 Million Steps

My normal weekly routine
I usually walk to and from work each day. Each journey is approximately 3 miles and takes an hour = lots of steps and exercise!

Reason #1 for blaming the weather
The weather is inconsistent at the moment. It might look sunny but rain showers appear from nowhere and end up lasting for hours. If I am walking, I get totally soaked. If it rains before I start walking, I get the bus which means no exercise and I am taking next to no steps. If I am going to the gym, I can't carry an umbrella because I've got too much to carry.

15 Million Steps Update
Monday 13th June- Day 148 - 19,084 Steps
Tuesday 14th June- Day 149 - 17,962 Steps
Wednesday 15th June- Day 150 - 16,205 Steps
Thursday 16th June- Day 151 - 6,832 Steps
Friday 17th June- Day 152 - 22,249 Steps
Saturday 18th June- Day 153 - 14,703 Steps
Sunday 19th June - Day 154 - 20,407 Steps

Weekly Steps = 117, 442 which is about 53.7 miles this week. 
Total Steps =  2,488,335 out of 15 Million. (Nearly at 2.5 million steps!)

3 Strikes Challenge

My normal weekly routine
Eat sensible food at home, plenty of vegetables, fruit and water. At work I either eat food I've made from home or I buy lunch in the staff restaurant and try and have a healthy balanced meal. 

Reason #2 for blaming the weather
The other day I planned on eating in the restaurant at work. I started walking to work and was caught in a heavy rain shower. I jumped on the bus to work which meant I had no money for food. It then caused a knock on affect and I end up eating at weird times throughout the day and the temptations for snacking on crap increases. 

3 Strikes Challenge Update
I had 2 strikes last week.

Strike 1 - I had a piece of someones birthday cake. I know, I should have said no, but it was a Caterpillar cake and it was called Colin. How can anyone turn down Colin the Caterpillar cake? 

Strike 2 - Chocolate brownie. I won £40 vouchers at a local restaurant and despite eating sensibly throughout the meal, I knew I had 1 strike left to use up so I had an amazing chocolate brownie dessert. It tasted so rich and gooey. So nice!

This is my last week now. So far this challenge has been a success in terms of restricting the amount of crap I've been eating, so I hope the scales show a drop in weight at the end of it!


My normal weekly routine
I usually run on Friday afternoons after work and early Sunday mornings because the gym is quiet and it helps me focus more.

Reason #3 for blaming the weather
Due to not having any food at work on Friday (see reason #2), I had zero energy at the gym and I couldn't physically run for long periods of time. I was totally drained. I still managed 15 minutes running in total but it was very stop and start and I ended up walking a lot on the treadmill. Also my work clothes were soaking wet from the rain, so when I changed out of my sweaty gym wear after my work out, I had to change back into my wet clothes. Yuck!

C25K Challenge Update
On Sunday I did manage to complete Week 7 Day 2 of C25K which was another 25 minute run with no breaks. For some reason I continue to get a sharp stabbing pain in my left shoulder when I run for long periods. I am not sure what this is but it's quite concerning. Maybe my running posture isn't correct? I've read various reasons online so I am not sure what to do about that. Anyway, 1 more day in week 7 then I will move on to week 8. I just hope it isn't a big step up!

So there you go, my normal routine is all over the place because of the sodding rain. It's made me extra grumpy and it's made me want to do nothing but sit in my room and watch the cricket (which was also delayed because of the rain!) Grr!!


  1. too bad about the rain, but now you've got me singing the theme to annie (which i hate) lolol . it can't rain all the time so just do what you can and it'll be allright!

  2. Pain in your shoulder? Maybe it's your arm form - like maybe you're clenching your shoulders and arms too tightly when they should be hanging loosely and relaxed by your hips.

  3. Almost at 2.5 million? Even writing that amount is insanely exciting!
    Yes, the cake would have been calling my name too. Especially since it was named and all. Cakes with human names always taste better.

  4. Awesome job on the C25K....once I get everything else back down to routine, I'll be jumping back in on that....and I'll definitely be looking to you for some words of wisdom!


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