Sunday, 12 June 2011

15 Million Steps

How has the week gone?

Apart from Saturday where I did next to nothing all day, it's actually been a pretty consistent week in terms of getting a lot of steps done. The weather has been getting a lot worse as the week went on but thankfully I have managed to avoid the heavy rain!

What is the total amount of steps you've taken this week?
In total I took 119,362 steps. This works out to be roughly 54.6 miles.

Monday 6th June- Day 141 - 17,020 Steps
Tuesday 7th June- Day 142 - 22,493 Steps
Wednesday 8th June- Day 143 - 13,003 Steps
Thursday 9th June- Day 144 - 19,476 Steps
Friday 10th June- Day 145 - 22,866 Steps
Saturday 11th June- Day 146 - 8,802 Steps
Sunday 12th June - Day 147 - 15,702 Steps 

How many steps and miles in total have you done?

I've taken 2,370,893 steps which is about 1,085 miles since I started my 15 Million Steps challenge. To put it into perspective, that's like me walking from Boston, Massachusetts to Orlando, Florida.

What else have you been doing this week?

I've been progressing in the 'Couch to 5k' program. This week I've ran for the longest period of time I've ever done before without a single break. A couple of months ago I found it hard to run for a minute, now I have just ran 25 minutes. Eek!

This weekend I have mostly been sitting on my butt watching DVDs and playing computer games. It's great to relax and it's important I recharge my batteries before another busy week at work! Boo!!

Picture of the Week

Apologies for looking atrocious in this picture but this is me only seconds after running 25 minutes without a break during Week 7 Day 1 of C25K. Check out my sweat soaked t-shirt. I swear I've been drier standing under a shower!


  1. AWESOME! 25 minutes is intense!

  2. I remember that day in C25K. I was totally astounded with myself. Feels great to look back on how far you've come, doesn't it?

  3. Ahh, this reminds me.. I wanna start the c25k LOL. You are awesome!!! It's an amazing feeling when you know you could barely do something & now u can do it like no big thing for much longer.. satisfaction guaranteed!!!

  4. Nice job! Very brave of you to put up a post workout picture, hehe. Looking good, though! That's awesome that you can now run for 25 minutes straight. Have you thought of doing any races? Maybe a 5K? If not, it might be something to work towards.
    Keep it up, Tim!

  5. That is an incredible amount of steps! Great work!

    Personally, sweaty workout pics are my favorite! It's that little extra somethin'!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced


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