Monday, 6 June 2011

3 Strikes Challenge & 15 Million Steps

The first week went pretty well despite getting 2 strikes. I faced many temptations throughout the week and at times I actually convinced myself that I could be the 1st man ever to be pregnant because I starting having weird cravings towards the end of the week such as pizza with chocolate topping.

Strike number 1 arrived Friday morning whilst at work. It was some old guy's retirement so he got everyone in the office a huge selection of cakes to choose from. I should have been stronger and resisted but I guess I got caught up in the celebratory atmosphere in the office. The annoying thing was that I didn't even eat the piece of cake I wanted. I was asked to sample a piece of cake to see what the flavour was for a lady who was writing down cake labels. Personally I didn't see the point because as soon as cakes appear in the office, everybody turns into hungry vulchers and start circling the cakes waiting for someone to make the first move. As soon as one person goes in, they all go in and would probably eat their own hand if they saw cream on it. Usually I am the one who makes the first move! The cake I tried was walnut. It was pretty tasty but I had my eye on a slice of Victorian Sponge Cake. My favourite! Unfortunately I couldn't risk another strike for that. Dammit!

I must have been having a bad day because strike number 2 came later in the day. I shared a pizza from Pizza Hut. Again, I could have resisted but I wasn't at my own house and I felt pressured into eating a takeaway (carry out) because it would have seemed rude not to join in with everyone else. I know that it isn't a great excuse though so my aim in future is to say no. 

The rest of the week I have been:
  • Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day (I'm fed up of visiting the toilet every hour!)
  • Eating minimum 5 pieces of fruit and veg
  • Visiting the gym at least 3 times (completed my C25K - Week 6 Day 2 on Sunday)
  • Avoiding crap food at sporting events
  • Replacing chocolate bar cravings with sugar free gum

Today is usually weigh day so it's quite weird not weighing myself but it also feels nice to get away from the numbers for a few weeks. I am hoping I have lost weight this week. I guess I will know once this challenge is over at the end of this month when I can weigh myself again to see if this challenge has had a positive affect.

A few people commented on why I haven't suggested a reward system for myself in case I complete the challenge with no fines. Normally I would have done that but I bought some new Timberland boots a few days before the challenge! They were a treat to myself for achieving no gains in 26 consecutive weigh days. Woo Hoo!!!

15 Million Steps Updated 

Monday 30th May - Day 134 - 23,004 Steps
Tuesday 31st May - Day 135 - 17,576 Steps
Wednesday 1st May - Day 136 - 17,617 Steps
Thursday 2nd May - Day 137 - 8,723 Steps
Friday 3rd May - Day 138 - 25,228 Steps
Saturday 4th May - Day 139 - 15,018 Steps
Sunday 5th May - Day 140 - 21,866 Steps

Total: 129,032 steps this week which is approx. 59.1 miles.

In total I have walked 2,251,531 steps out of 15 million. Still a looooooooong way to go!   


  1. Good for you and I love the boots..

  2. Well done, Tim! Social situations are the worst for that kind of thing. You feel the pressure to join in, especially if somebody else paid for it. But hey, no fine, so it's all good! Nice boots, too!

  3. Hi Tim, thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading about your journey.

  4. Nice work Timmo!

    I would also eat my own hand if someone put cream on it.

    That's some mighty fine walking this week, keep on trucking!

  5. Hey Tim! I think that you are doing a great job. I really like those boots and you can walk even MORE steps in them. I wish you all the best this week.

  6. Pizza with chocolate on top? Is this some British thing that I don't know about?
    Very nice looking boots! And your plan to hit your final step in Philadelphia is absolutely is an amazing idea!


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