Monday, 27 June 2011

The End of the 3 Strikes Challenge + 15 million steps update

It's the end of my 3 Strikes challenge. The aim of this challenge was to restrict how much crap I eat each week and to focus on improving certain parts of my diet such as to drink more water and to regularly attend the gym. I was allowed up to 2 strikes per week (i.e. a strike could be a chocolate bar) but anymore strikes would result in a fail for the week and I would be fined money.

I am delighted to say that I was successful each week. I am now drinking a lot more water each day as well as eating my 5 fruit & veg (usually more) and I feel like I am making better choices. By denying myself a chocolate bar on a daily basis or a cupcake, I am instead finding alternatives to these snacks such as fruit or a handful of seeds (I dunno how birds cope eating seeds, maybe they've never tried chocolate!).

One thing I would like to improve on next is how big portion sizes should be. At times I feel like I am eating to feel stuffed and full instead of eating to feel satisfied. I guess since I was a child I have always found it tough to leave things on my plate. I've always felt that by leaving food, it would be considered rude, especially if somebody else made the meal. I need to learn that it's okay to not eat everything. It's okay to feel satisfied and not full. Nobody will be offended and if they are then they need to get a life!

The Weigh In

Weight before the challenge: 14 Stone 12 Pounds (208 lbs)

I finally got around to replacing the battery in my scales. Whoever made my scales should work as a member of a bank security team looking after the money safe. It was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to open the damn thing. I was close to getting a chainsaw and even considered a nuclear bomb until I realised I didn't own either but thankfully I did manage to find a screwdriver (in the cupboard where all the useless crap is kept - you've all probably got one too!) and I managed to open it up to put the new battery in. 

I weighed myself on week 2 and I weighed 207 lbs, on week 3 I weighed 205lbs and then I jumped back up to 206lbs today. I am wondering whether this was due to me being ill (another cold!) this week? 

Weight after the challenge: 14 Stone 10 Pounds (206 lbs)

Part of me is disappointed that I lost 2lbs in 4 weeks, especially as I averaged at least a 1 pound loss a week but another part of me is pleased that I am still heading in the right direction, just at a slower rate. Anyway, a loss is a loss, the important thing is to keep going.

15 Million Steps Update

Monday 20th June- Day 155 - 20,921Steps
Tuesday 21st June- Day 156 - 17,689 Steps
Wednesday 22nd June- Day 157 - 16,065 Steps
Thursday 23rd June- Day 158 - 19,467 Steps
Friday 24th June- Day 159 - 17,646 Steps
Saturday 25th June- Day 160 - 9,618 Steps
Sunday 26th June - Day 161 - 14,691 Steps

Weekly steps total:  137,018 Steps
Weekly steps distance: 62.7 miles

Total Steps =  2,625,353 out of 15 Million.



  1. I am definitely a clean-your-plate kid, too - we weren't allowed to leave the dinner table until we did, so throwing food away makes me anxious, like I'm anticipating a punishment! There's a Geneen Roth quote about this, that people feel guilty throwing away food because other people around the world are starving to death. She says you need to care about world issues but at the same time, they won't be solved by you eating every bite of the garlic mashed potatoes on your plate even though you're stuffed.

  2. Congrats on the success of your challenge, Tim! I won't be so lucky with mine this month. One thing to remember is that weight loss tends to be faster at the beginning, so it's natural for it to slow down a little. Unfortunately we have to up our workouts if we want to maintain the same pace, which is easier said than done. Still, you're still making progress, so don't lose heart!

  3. Tim :)
    So happy when you put up a post. I always look forward to reading your progress. Greg wrote exactly what I was thinking; also, remember that the more weight you lose, the less calories you will need in order to sustain you. I had to make the decision of either eating less and keeping my workouts the same, or exercising more and eat the same.Either way you look at it, it still bites the big one, in my opinion. lol


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