Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Out with the old....

I decided it was time to do something about my oversized clothes so I went a bit crazy....

I started sorting out ALL my clothes in my *ahem* tidy room to decide what fits and what possibly needs to be sent to charity shops.

I had to say goodbye to all these jeans leaving me with only 3 pairs...*sob sob*

I then started trying on some of my tops to see what needs to be kept. I think this picture shows why it's important to wear clothes that fit your body shape.

The brown top clearly gives the illusion that I look a lot bigger than I actually am. Obviously a few months ago I used to fit into that top pretty well but that is no longer the case. If it doesn't fit anymore, give it to charity or throw it away because you don't need those clothes anymore!

Like I said at the start of this post, I did go crazy....

Here is me wearing a traditional Indian attire.Yep, so random I know!!

I think the top is called a Kurta. When my Sister got married in Japiur, India, her husband's family, who are from Jaipur, bought us traditional outfits. Most of the people I saw in India were a lot skinnier than me so it's finally great to be able to fit into it.

Do you like my classic Indian dance pose? neither!


  1. TIM! You look amazing, man!!! I totally agree about making sure clothes fit - now especially, I get frustrated when my clothes are a bit too big but the next size down isn't right yet. It feels so good when everything fits properly!

  2. This is so funny! You crack me up! More photos please!!

    I can't wait to clear out my wardrobe, i hope the time will come soon. Have to admit, i've probably been squeezing myself into sizes that are two sizes too small for about two years, and getting away with it cos i am so short, so it will be lovely to have things fit properly, as Mary says!


  3. Looking good dude!

    Like the Indian get up :)

    Keep up the good work, you're doing brilliantly.

  4. Mary - Yeah I hate it when I am in between sizes! I can't wait for the day when I can try on anything and not have to worry about opting for the larger item.

    Lesley, I will try and use more photos in my pics in future! :)

    Plumptious - Thanks for the nice comment! I should have bought a turban when I was out there so I could have the full kit! :)

  5. Nice work. That's one problem with us shrinking; having to replace our wardrobes. It can get expensive, can't it? Still, feels good to do it. Way to go!

  6. I LOVE you in that Indian outfit! The color is great. It is great that you are getting rid of all your clothes, bye bye and never to be seen again!

    Hasta La Vista Baby!

  7. Tim, you really do look amazing; and you're right about getting rid of those clothes. They are doing nothing but taking up room and weighing you down. You'll build up a nice wardrobe of clothes you look great in, even if it's a slow process. Having a few clothes that look good on is a lot better than having a lot of clothes that were meant to be worn by someone else.
    I am somewhat disappointed, though. I was looking around for the 'play' button as I thought you had taken a video of you performing a ceremonial dance in your Kurta but couldn't find it :(

  8. Greg - It feels good to get new clothes but my wallet hates it! If it makes us happy, it's worth every penny :)

    MissHaneefa - Next time i'll go to India, i'll try and get the full costume including lots of bling! :)

    Ellen - I was tempted to post a video of me dancing "Bollywood Style" but then realised that I would probably get loads of offers from Indian agents asking me to be the next superstar. I haven't got time to deal with all that! :)


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