Sunday, 19 February 2012

Out with the old in with the new...

Pancakes and bacon, pancakes and bacon with sausages, sprouts and carrots, french toast...these are some of the suggestions I had from you all about what I should put my Canadian Maple syrup on. 

Seriously, this isn't a "play a funny joke on the British boy" is it? No? These are actual serious suggestions on what I should put my Maple syrup on? Okay, okay, I'll try these out and report back.

Yesterday I went a bit crazy. I'm still wearing a lot of clothes which are way to big for me and it just doesn't look or feel right. I decided to dump ALL my clothes on my bed and have a bit of a Mary Poppins clear out. Instead of singing "A Spoonful Of Sugar" like she did, I put on some great music, sang out of tune and danced badly whilst trying on everything I owned and decided to donate anything that didn't fit to charity.

Here are a couple of before and after pictures:

I also have a pretty cool NSV too. I found some trousers which were a 44" waist. As soon as I put them on, they just fell straight to my ankles. Don't worry, I don't have a picture of that to scare you with!

It's surprisingly difficult taking a photo with a camera in one hand and trying to hold your trousers up with the other. This isn't a great picture but hopefully it shows how much room I had in them.

My waist is now a 32" so in total I have lost 12" around my waist. Hell yeah!

After trying on everything, I decided to get rid of 32 items of clothing.

Obviously that gave me a great excuse to go shopping for more clothes. 

Today I went to the city of Portsmouth, which is a historic naval city on the South Coast of England, home to some famous ships, including the Mary Rose, HMS Warrior and Lord Nelson's HMS Victory.

Here's a picture I took of the HMS Warrior. It was built in 1860 and at the time was the largest, fastest, most heavily armed and most heavily armoured warship the world had seen.

I saw this cool top in the Nike outlet store. I didn't buy it but I liked the 'FREE YOURSELF' message on the t-shirt. From across the store, I actually thought it said something more offensive at first! haha.

I did buy these though (no smiling today sorry!):

I bought a similar darker t-shirt the other week but decided to get the white design too.

I also bought this Nike jacket and a couple of plain t-shirts (navy blue + white) by the British company 'St George by Duffer' which are very comfortable.

I'm delighted because I don't think I will need to worry about buying new clothes for a while because finally my wardrobe is full of clothes that actually fit. I'm sure my bank account will be delighted to hear that news! 

Buying clothes whilst losing weight was always frustrating because you are always changing sizes and you don't want to spend too much money only for the new clothes to be too big in a matter of months. Now that I am a medium, I am assuming that this will be my size from now on because I can't see myself getting much thinner. Goodbye XL. Goodbye L. Hello M.


  1. Those pictures are amazing, Tim! Every now and then I try on my biggest pair of pants to remind myself that while the day-to-day matters, I'm in this for the long haul, and I'm a million miles from where I started.

    Hmm, what to put maple syrup on ... pancakes are good of course. French toast, too. Growing up we always had it with cinnamon stirred into our oatmeal. This sounds interesting:

  2. Looking good! I didn't follow your blog at the beginning so it's amazing to see the side by side shots.

    My Mum did sprouts with bacon and maple syrup on Christmas Day it was amazing!

  3. Those before and after pictures say it all! you're swimming in those old shirts now! You look fantastic! :)

  4. Greek yogurt and berries - drizzled with maple syrup. The best!

    When you run out let me know and I'll send you more ;)

    Awesome photos - you rock!

  5. WOW Tim, now that is amazing. And think of all those clothes going to someone that needed them. My friend just gave me 2 quarts of fresh maple syrup. I don't like syrup very much but a tsp in my oatmeal makes it easier to eat.
    Take care Tim and have a blessed week!!

  6. You look fantastic!

    Not convinced about Brussel Sprouts and maple syrup though...what about pancakes? It is Pancake Day tomorrow!


  7. Nice pictures :D Also the ship looks amazing in that light! Fantastic NSV my friend!!

  8. Love that white shirt, great design. How cool that you can now buy clothes and know that you won't need to replace them with new ones in a few months.

    I don't get the sweet on salty combinations, either. I've never tried Maple syrup so I can't give you ideas, but I would imagine pairing it with fruit (say apples or berries) would work.

  9. Twelve inches from your waist that is fantastic. Those t-shirts look massive on you now. You could donate them to a charity shop or a clothes bank?

    That's great that you are a Medium and not a large. You look very dapper in your new clothes. I thought that t-shirt said something else at first haha but the actually message is really good.

    It's pancake day tomorrow. Are you gonna use your maple syrup then?

    I agree with Emily, the lighting on the shop looks amazing. Great photo.


  10. I really like your "F Yourself" shirt. Great job on clearing out your closet. you are not going to need those shirts again. You look like a little kid wearing his dad's clothes! As for your pants for a second I thought you were trying to show us something else!

    Have a great week!

  11. Those pictures are great! I've kept the jeans I wore at my biggest and it's so motivating to feel how loose they are now! Love the picture of the HMS btw! Is that with instagram?

  12. Rude! You were in Portsmouth and didn't tell me! That wasn't the trouser pic I meant but as you probably don't want to show me your pants I won't offer to take any more for you!

  13. I also thought the F Yourself said something else at first LOL
    It must feel GREAT to move down to smaller sizes. Awesome! :)

  14. I am a shopohoilc and while losing wait has opened so many doors to me for new clothes that I can finally fit into and new styles that I can pull off - it is SO hard on the wallet. I have to decide if its something I want to be able to fit into, if its a piece of transition clothing, if I want to fit into it in 15 more lbs..etc. Its costly and its annoying to buy clothes and know (or hope)you wont fit into them (annoying and awesome at the same time i guess)in a month or two. Some of my favorite clothes look like shit on me now and it makes me not watn to buy new clothes to get attached to..clearly I have way too much emotion for my clothing aha. I know I shouldn't whine about clothes being too big but it can be really frustrating.

  15. Wow, that gap on your pants there, around your waist.. that is amazing! It really shows how far you've come huh!!

  16. You're looking great, by the way. :) <8

  17. Love the comparison photos, Tim! You have come a long way! You look so great!

    I love the picture of the HMS Warrior - awesome!

  18. LOL @ the comments about Pancake Day! I didn't go to the one here due to work / travel.

    Thanks for sharing the pic of the HMS - I love seeing stuff like that. History is fascinating to me.

    Please take those shirts off before you drown! That was my actual thought when I saw the pics, how fabulous!

  19. Amazing pictures!!:) You look great and I know how freeing it must be to be able to get rid of all of the big shirts. I'm hoping that one day, I will be able to get rid of all of mine too. We shall see.;)

  20. Such a remarkable difference Tim!! Looks like an EXCELLENT shopping trip :-)

  21. Dude, you lost a whole foot from your waist! That's beyond awesome! I bet it feels amazing to get rid of all those clothes knowing that you'll never be that big again.

  22. Awesome before/after pics! LOL I have that same FREE YOURSELF shirt in grey :D It's my workout/badminton shirt hehe.

  23. Hey, this is awesome :) and love that Free yourself tshirt. I did this the other day, I was selling loads of clothes on ebay and it was fun trying them all on and seeing that they didn't fit me! I'm only one dress size down so far but it still made all the difference to me!


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