Monday, 1 April 2013

#13in13: March Review

Here is the latest update as part of my #13in13 challenge which is organised by Rebecca at WeightWars.

Goal One: Be More Adventurous In The Kitchen

Update: I've really sucked at this. 

Plan for April: I need to start cooking more this month. I've been SO stressed at work that by the time I got home, I just wanted something quick and easy. Poor excuse I know but hopefully I'll have none this month. I enjoy cooking. I will cook more. Please send any recipes for me to try to my email. (Marisol - thanks for last recommendation. I am trying that first!) 

Goal Two: Save Money For A Holiday

Update: I've been pretty good with money but I know I could do better. I've put in a chunk of my March pay into a tax-free  ISA account so that was good. I was annoyed with myself the other day because I withdrew £50 ($76) and spent the majority of it on stuff I didn't need to buy but I like to think that was the turning point for me in trying to save more.

Plan for April: I'm withdrawing a set amount of money for each week and will not touch my debit/credit card unless it's vital. I will use the cash I've withdrawn and I will have to ration when to use it. 

Goal Three: Make My Own Lunch For Work

Update: This has been hit and miss. I did great at the beginning of the month but then towards the end I started buying breakfast and lunch. By not having my own pre-made lunch, it meant I didn't pack any healthy snacks. This meant I started buying chocolate, crisps and cake. Fuckkkkkk. So annoyed at myself. 

The cake tasted amazing but that's not the point. I gave into temptation.

Plan for April: There are 21 work days this month. I will make my lunch 21 times. Goodbye full English fried breakfasts :(

Goal Four: Drink More Water

Update: I suck

Plan for April: Not to suck.

Goal Five: Run Tim Run

Update:  My aim was to run 3 times a week and play football. I went running and I went to football. The conditions were actually pretty awful at times but I battled through the conditions. 

Unfortunately I then tore my muscle playing football which means I couldn't go running. Meh! Apparently my muscle will be healed in approx. 6 weeks but I'm hoping to test it out a little before that, although I won't push myself too much. 

Plan for April: Once my muscle fully heals, I want to start setting myself monthly targets to hit. 

Goal Six: Focus More On My To Do List

Update: Nothing to report.

Plan for April: I'd love to tick off another item from my 101 to do list. I might start on a few easier ones to get them over and done with. 

Goal Seven: Go To Bed Earlier

Update: I'm not sure whether I'm going to bed earlier or not. I tend to fall asleep at weird times and occasionally I just fall asleep without even realising. I guess I am better than I used to be but it's just not at a consistent time. 

Plan for April: Turn the PC and TV off before 11:00pm.

Goal Eight: Raise Money For Charity

Update: I've given money to charity but just not raised any myself. 

Plan for April: Think about ideas for next challenge.

Goal Nine: Take Up A New Sport.

Update: I played tennis with my friends. It was great, we were shite, but it was fun. Due to people going on holiday, we've had to delay our next session but everyone seemed up for continuing which is great. Hopefully get the next session booked this week!

Plan for April: Play tennis more. Improve my technique, foot movement....oh and hit the ball.

Goal Ten: Make More Friends

Update: The new guys at football are really nice but due to my sodding injury, I can't see them for a while. I need to look closer to work. I am in a department with 60+ people yet I only know about 10. 

Plan for April: Start saying hello to new people in my department. 

Goal Eleven: Random Acts of Kindness

Update: I sponsored a friend, I bought my friend ice cream and something at the Farmer's Market. I had the intention of giving my bus pass to a random person but when I got to the bus stop, there was no one there. I also stayed late at work to help my manager finish some stuff off but I guess that's just my job, so probably doesn't count! 

Plan for April: Keep trying my best to be kind. 

Goal Twelve: Attend More Live Events

I've been to a few football (soccer) games in March.

Southampton 1 - 2 Queens Park Rangers - Premier League 

Ted Bates Statue aka Mr Southampton

Southampton's St Mary's Stadium

Millwall 0-0 Blackburn Rovers - FA Cup Quarter Final

The New Den

Love the old school London bus

Packed stadium to watch the dullest match ever!

Plan for April: Watch more football games as well as going to see MIlton Jones (Comedian) live. I've no idea who he is but apparently he's good! 

The Big One: Climb Mount Snowdon

Update: I mentioned climbing this to my Mum. She said she might do it too. My Sister also seemed quite keen. This is progress....

Plan for April: Keep annoying people about it!


  1. I really like your Random Acts of Kindness challenge. I think I'm going to start doing that as well, though I think that overall I'm pretty good at doing things like that on the spot.

    I used to struggle with my water intake...then I started using a bottle that I knew had 25oz. I drink one before breakfast, one after, two during lunch, and two between lunch and dinner, and one after. Scheduling times makes it easier to stay on top of it.

    Also, stop posting pictures of cake. I want some now, damn it.

  2. just stay motivated and you'll accomplish it all, after all you are BOMB-DIGGITY!

  3. I've started a bit of a challenge with Matt for saving. We're starting a savings account in the baby's name (we are primary on the account until he is 18) and want to commit to add $10 a week. It doesn't sound like much, just cutting out a little something unnecessary. But by the time Baby is 18, it'll be nearly $20,000! The trick will be not dipping into it unless absolutely vital. To ensure that, we're starting an account that we can't access unless we physically go to the bank, no checking account or debit card attached.

  4. I hope you have a great April! Good luck with meeting all your goals!

  5. I am SO going to play tennis this weekend, thanks for the idea!


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