Monday, 29 April 2013

FMM: ABC’s of Me & 15 Million Steps Update

You've probably heard of 'Friend Makin’ Mondays'. My friend Kenlie at All The Weigh does this every Monday. It's great fun and a good chance for you to meet fellow bloggers. If you've taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers.

A) I love going on Adventures. I enjoy exploring and visiting new places. 
B) I am British.

C) My favourite Cartoons as a child were Thundercats, He-Man & Dogtanian.
D) I Drink lots of tea. Hey, I'm British. It's the law.
E) I hate Exercising

F) I love real Football (Soccer). I've supported Blackburn Rovers Football Club for 21 years. During that time I've probably only enjoyed about 2 or 3 happy seasons! Oh well! Once you pick your team you're not allowed to change it!
G) Gnocchi tastes amazing! Especially lightly fried. 
H) My Hometown is Southampton on the South Coast of England. Famous for it's links with the Titanic, Spitfires planes, being a major port in Europe as well as being heavily bombed during World War II.
I) I love my iPad. I use it everyday and can't imagine life without it now!
J) I hate Jazz music. Soooooooo boring. 
K) The first time I went to America (2008) and stayed with friends, I dropped a huge jug of Kool-Aid all over the floor, table and kitchen surface. Apparently the stain is still there today! Sorry Sue!!!
L) I have a small scar on my Lip
M) I've been kissed by a Manatee. I think the look on my face shows how much I enjoyed it! :(

N) My
Name was originally going to be Robin, then David was suggested, but my parents settled on Timothy...or Tim for short! 
O) I went to the London 2012 Olympics. It was incredible! 
P) I wear a Pedometer every day to record my steps towards my 15 million steps challenge.
Q) My favourite Quote is "F*ck it!". It feels good to say it and usually is the answer to most problems/dilemmas we have in our heads. Next time you're wondering what to do, try saying 'F*ck it!'.
R) I am Right handed when writing/throwing but left footed when kicking a ball.
S) My favourite Song is 'Bohemian Rapsody' by Queen.
T) I am a Twitter addict. I tweet lots and lots. Add me if you're on Twitter @FatBoyThinTim 
U) I always carry an Umbrella everywhere I go. Being British, I know that rain is just around the corner!
V) I really enjoyed visiting Venice. I had lots of fun, the place is beautiful and the food was delicious!

W) I am related to a former World Record Holder. My Grandfather's cousin, Jane Bunford, was the tallest woman in the world measuring 2.41 m (7ft 11 in).

X) I loved The
X-Files. The conspiracies & Extra Terrestrial story lines fascinated me! I love stuff like that.

Y) I could spend all day on YouTube if it was up to me. There are so many brilliant videos out there. My favourites will always be 'Evolution of Dance' & 'Where The Hell Is Matt...'

Z) It's pronounced Zed not Zee... #JustSaying

15 Million Steps Update

Yep, still doing it. Slowly getting there.

Steps Taken So Far: 12,848,048 Steps

Distance covered so far: 5,880 miles (9,463 kilometres)

Equivalent distance in marathons: 224.4 Marathons

How Many Steps Left: 2,151,952 steps

Approx Distance shown on map: London, UK to Bangkok, Thailand

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


  1. I WANT THAT SHIRT! Running really does fucking suck.

  2. That manatee picture is hilarious. And I hate exercising too. I wish I didn't. I think I don't hate it as much once my body gets used to it, but still getting into the gym is the absolute worst.

  3. love fmm, and this one was great gonna pop over and do mine now!

  4. Fascinating story about you relative!

  5. I liked this because we got to know you more! Check out all those steps. Kudos dude!

  6. Always good to hear from you, Tim - and glad to see you're still stepping on! Won't be long now :)

  7. "F**k it" does do the job.;)

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