Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Week - Pic Special

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday. This is probably the first Easter where I haven't eaten any chocolate Easter eggs on Easter Sunday. Saying that, I did eat a couple of chocolate eggs 3 weeks before in a moment of madness. Oops, oh well!

Instead of waffling on for ages about my weekend, I'll post a few pictures and a few sentences just to say what I've been up to.

I went on a Hovercraft. 1st time ever! Amazing!!
Across to the Isle of Wight

I made a friend. Hello Pingu. 
Hello Mr Alpaca
My new favourite animals. Wallabies!!!
Unfortunately these couldn't fit in my bag to take home! :)
These Geese, Ducks and Swans went CRAZY for food from me.
Day trip to Titchfield Abbey
Hello Bournemouth Pier & Beach
Morning trip to the village of Lyndhurst to get....
Duck eggs, strawberries, local honey & a sausage roll.
I then went to the New Forest to locate old WW2 bunkers.
Found an old WW2 Air Control Tower at RAF Ibsley
It was empty, dilapidated & covered in graffiti. Such a shame.
Went onto the roof which overlooks lots of lakes.
Overall it's been a really cool week but unfortunately I'm back at work again!!

How was your Easter? What did you get up to?


  1. Love your pictures!It's been many years since I've been on the Bournemouth pier and beach. You brought back many memories for me!

  2. You sure get around! I wish that there was that kind of cool stuff around here to see. As for the weather you requested...NOT A CHANCE!!! It's mine! You want it...come and get it haha! Start out by making a couple small goals. I'd been making them before I started blogging again so I didn't seem like a total loser when I "came back"

  3. Love alpacas! And that hover craft looks AWESOME!

    This is the first year I didn't touch a THING in my Easter basket. And I feel kind of good about that! :)


  4. that's amazing, i'm actually surprised those are open to the public. most of the stuff in the states is off limits or by tour only.

  5. Did you get to tour the abbey? I bet that was / is spectacular inside!

    I really need to visit the UK for a couple months. I'd need that long to see everything I want to see! And about 200 memory cards for my camera......

  6. Cool pictures. I love penguins!

    I always get confused with the RAF - in German, that is the abbreviation for a terror organization from the 70s

  7. I like that I get to travel vicariously through your pictures. Thanks for sharing!



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