Tuesday, 22 October 2013

XMiles To Xmas Challenge

Tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd October, is exactly 9 weeks until Christmas Day.

Yes. I can't believe it's so close either. Scary!!

I guess deep down we knew it was approaching fast because Autumn has arrived, the leaves are turning various pretty colours, the warm clothes come out and it's getting darker earlier too. Did I mention the weather? The cold, wet, windy days. Yeah I know Great Britain is always like that but that's not the point! Sigh!

I tend to struggle with my fitness around this time of year. I know I have to lose weight before Christmas because I eat like a pig based on 30 years of self-research. Christmas food is SO yummy and calorific so it's important that I head into Christmas knowing that I can shovel food in my gob freely and not feel guilty about doing so.


A few of us on Twitter decided to take advantage of the 9 weeks until Christmas and plan a group challenge.

The idea is to record how many miles we walk/run/cycle/swim each day and after 9 weeks we will see, as a group, how many miles we have reached.

It's as simple as that.

Why are we doing this?

I guess we all have our own reasons. Personally I want to lose weight and not use the poor weather and the dark days as a reason not to exercise. If I can walk or run for 9 weeks before Christmas whilst trying to eat the right foods then I will be heading into Christmas looking to eat the fat turkey instead of thinking I look like one.

I will be recording the XMiles to Xmas stats on a spreadsheet on Google Documents and will be asking people to send me their miles on a daily basis (or asap). 

I really believe as a group we can get a huge distance. As of writing this there are 15 people taking part which means potentially over 9 weeks we could be looking at well over 3000 miles. 

Hopefully by doing it as a group we can inspire or encourage each other throughout the 9 weeks. I know that there will be days when it rains or it's cold and I'd rather do anything but add to the miles total but if I then notice another person doing exactly what I don't want to do then maybe it will give me a kick up the arse to add my miles. 

Feel free to check it out and if you would like to join, which you can do so at any time, then let me know!

XMiles to Xmas Spreadsheet Link

Hashtag on Twitter #XMilesToXmas


  1. goals are a great thing to keep you motivated and havin just completed a HUGE one this open ended one should do the trick very nicely. cant wait to se how far you/y'all get!

  2. I think that's a great idea! Good luck :)


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